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UltraOptix Bar Magnifiers / Specialty Magnifiers

Bar Magnifiers lay flat on a page and can be pushed along to magnify text as you read. Many of our bar magnifiers feature colored tracking lines to help the reader focus on the line they are currently reading.

A bar magnifier can be rested directly on a page of text or numbers. The bar magnifier will magnify about one line of text at a time, and you slide it across and/or down the page as needed. Bar magnifiers are great for spreadsheets and stock tables as well as books and other reading material. The magnification will usually be in the 2x to 3x power range.

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Specialty Magnifiers come in a variety of types. UltraOptix has three types of over-the-neck hands-free magnifiers. These magnifiers have an adjustable neck strap and a 4" 1.5x power lens with a 3x power bifocal. We also offer a lighted over-the-neck hands-free magnifier with a 4" 1.5x power lens with a 3x power bifocal. A high power LED offers excellent illumination powered by 2 AA batteries (not included). The Over-the-Neck Ultra-Loupe compact magnifier offers a 4x power lens with adjustable neck strap and a free pouch for storage.

The Letter Opener Magnifier comes in a package of 2 and easily opens envelopes. This magnifier has a 2x power scratch resistant lens built in which is great for reading the contents of a letter.

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